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What is Geocaching?

In a nutshell, geocaching is a high tech treasure hunting game which uses GPS, (Global Positioning System), to hide and seek waterproof containers called caches.

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3 Types of Geocaching Containers

You've decided to take up the sport of geocaching and discovered it can be fun as well as challenging. You've headed to the outdoors and explored some places you wouldn't have otherwise.

Now it's time to hide your own cache.

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5 Tips to Help You Find the Cache

You’ve decided geocaching sounds like fun, you’ve set up a profile at geocaching.com, and you’ve even found a few caches containing geocache swag. But disappointment sets in and you feel like a quitter...


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We're so happy our paths have crossed! Obviously you are searching for something and we hope you'll find it here. At Geocaching-Containers we've got information and supplies for the world-wide game of geocaching. Duh! You've probably already figured that one out, but let us explain a bit more.

We cater to newbies that need answers. What do we mean by that? We've been newbies as well, and know how confusing geocaching can be when you are a beginner cacher. We know you are you eager to learn and want answers that are straightforward and easy to understand. Right?

We're here to help. By the time you're finished here, you'll have a clear picture of geocaching, the different types of geocaching containers that you'll be looking for, and the jargon that's used in the game. Once you've got the basics down, you'll learn that geocaching is an outstanding way to explore the outdoors, stay physically fit, and discover new and exciting places. If you want to buy some geocaching stuff, we've got that too.

Not a newbie? We'd love to have you browse around! If you see something you'd like to share, please do! If you are an experienced cacher looking for a gift, a container, or travel bug, look no further. Our Geostore has affordable and rockin' supplies to enhance your geocaching experience. It's powered by Amazon, so you know you are getting a good selection at a competitive price. Plus, we share pictures and stories of real-life geocaching adventures for all to enjoy!

Explore this site for more information about this family-friendly outdoor treasure hunting game.

Not all who Wander are Lost

Geocaching = Outdoor Family Fun and Adventure!

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