What Should I Bring Geocaching [14 Tips for Beginner Geocachers]

When you go geocaching, think of yourself as an explorer trekking to distant lands – and be prepared.  An explorer charts a course and also takes necessary supplies for the journey. You should do the same for your geocaching adventures. The following tips will help you have a successful geocaching adventure.

Have a Plan Before You Go Geocaching

No. 1 –  Pick geocaches that are in the same vicinity, or are of a particular type, such as micro, easy, and so on.

No. 2 –  Jot down any notes you need for finding the cache.

No. 3 While you’re at it, pack a pencil or pen for signing the cache logbook.

No. 4 – Take trinkets or swag that you may want for trading when you find the cache.

No. 5 – Take a buddy or tell a family member where you intend to be.

No. 6 Pack your GPS device. They still come in handy. You could be out of cell service range.

Beyond the Basic Tips

The above tips are all basic things you want to think about when setting out on a geocaching adventure. But there are others to consider as well.

For example, the sport of geocaching is like a treasure hunt and you may find yourself exploring in unfamiliar surroundings.

The terrain may be somewhat different than described in the cache owner’s information.

Or the walk to the cache coordinates may be farther than you realized.

Also, you may be out longer than you had expected.

What to Take

Taking that into consideration, it’s a good idea to pack as if you were going hiking.

A backpack isn’t necessary, but having items in a small bag or on your person will make your geocaching adventure more fun if you find yourself in need of the following items.

No. 7 – mosquito spray

No. 8 – cell phone

No. 9 – multi-tool

No. 10 – flashlight and extra batteries

No. 11 – water

No. 12 – camera

No. 13 – snack

No. 14 – sunscreen

One Last Thing

In addition, please consider bear spray if you will be geocaching in bear country, as my family and I were on a geocaching adventure up the Northfork in Montana.

Happy Geocaching!