3 Types of Geocaching Containers

You’ve decided to take up the sport of geocaching and discovered it can be fun as well as challenging. You’ve headed to the outdoors and explored some places you wouldn’t have otherwise. Now it’s time to hide your own cache. But what type of geocaching containers should you use?

The type of geocaching containers you use depend on your personal preference, where you want to hide your geocache, and whether or not you want to add trinkets, or swag, for trading.



Geocaching lock-n-lock box
Traditional Geocaching Container Lock-n-Lock box


These types of geocaching containers are generally ammo boxes, Lock & Lock’s, or Tupperware. Ammo boxes are colored gray, forest green, or camouflaged and are available for purchase at Army/Navy Surplus stores or from our Amazon GeoStore. They have lots of room to include a log book and trinkets for trading. The Lock & Lock or Tupperware food storage container is another popular choice for a geocaching container. Watertight and inexpensive, food storage containers are sold at most retail stores. Due to their larger size, traditional geocaching containers are ideal for rural areas and parks where they can be easily hidden under shrubs, logs, or large rocks.



Bison Tube Geocaching Container
Micro Bison Tube Geocaching Container


These types of geocaching containers range from small to nano. Micro containers are most often bison tubes, film canisters, small mint cans, or tube-type key chain holders. Geocachers hide them under park benches, hang them on tree branches, or under rocks. Nano geocaching containers are even smaller. They may be disguised as nuts and bolts with magnetic bases for inconspicuous hiding on fence posts, metal poles, or other magnetic surfaces. Because they are small, these types of geocaching containers are great for urban areas where space may be a premium. Micro and nano geocache containers are quite popular with experienced geocachers because of the extra challenge they present during the hunt.



Novelty Geocaching Container
Novelty Geocaching Container



These types of geocaching containers are out of the ordinary and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your fancy. Imagine a geocaching container that resembles dog poop, a wad of gum, golf ball, or songbird. Inside these novel exteriors is another container, usually micro, which contains the log book. These geocaches are suitable for hiding wherever they will blend in with the surroundings. Novelty geocaching containers add an extra element of fun to the hobby of geocaching.






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