Geocaching For Exercise and Fitness

Have you made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get in shape? Or do you simply want to maintain your fitness and the healthy lifestyle you already have? Either way, geocaching is a fun way to help to achieve your goals.

You don’t need (a gym or fancy equipment to get started on your way to a healthier you.
Here’s how the sport of geocaching can motivate and help you succeed in your exercise and fitness plans.

Geocaching as a Motivator

Exercising indoors is fine, but oftentimes gets boring. Lack of motivation to exercise causes many people to stop before they ever get established in an exercise routine. Cross-training for many people is the way to go. Add new life and spark to your exercise routine with geocaching. Geocaching in the great outdoors is an excellent motivator and a an alternative method of exercise. Many geocaches are hidden in locations that are available to cachers year-round, so don’t let the time of year stop you from going geocaching.

Geocaching gets you moving

Sometimes all it takes to get moving, (movement is what exercise is all about) is a purpose and a destination. Let geocaching get you up and moving by giving you a reason to get off of the couch to do some treasure hunting.

Geocaching for aerobic exercise


Jumping, twisting, and wearing leg warmers is not required in order to get some aerobic benefit from geocaching. If your cache is not a park and grab, more than likely it will require some walking. Walking is known to be aerobic and quite beneficial for the heart. The faster you can walk, the more calories you will burn. When looking for caches to find, pick caches that require some walking.


Geocaching for strength


We’re talking lower body here; specifically the legs. Geocaches located in hilly regions and require a bit of boulder scrambling. This is a workout in itself and will tone and also build strength in the calves, thighs, and glutes. Look for caches that indicate a more challenging terrain and get your exercise while having fun at the same time.


 Geocaching is a fun and easy way to help you achieve your fitness goals year-round.


1. Go geocaching anytime of the year.
2. Bored and want something to do? Let a geocaching adventure come to the rescue.
3. For optimum exercise benefit, challenge yourself by choosing caches in more difficult terrain.