Geocaching Made Easy in 9 Simple Steps


Follow these 9 simple steps to get you started on a geocaching adventure.

1. First and foremost, you need a GPS device. If you don't have one, you will definitely need to purchase one to participate in the sport. There are lots to choose from and the Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator is an excellent choice to help you get started.


2. Next, go to's homepage. You may search as a guest or register to set up a free account.


3. On the homepage under browse, enter a location such as a city, zip code, country, etc., of where you want to hunt for a geocache. Click the magnifying glass to search. This will take you to a results page.


4. Choose a geocache from the results page and click on its name for details. Look for difficulty, terrain, distance, etc. It's a good idea to write down the name of the geocache and other notes you find in the details section. Doing this makes it so much easier especially if you intend to search for several caches in one day.


5. Load or enter the coordinates into your GPS. Many GPS devices include a geocache bundle making it simple to load geocache coordinates. Simply plug the cord that came with your GPS into your computer. Your GPS will be recognized and you will then transfer the cache coordinates to your device. Voila! You're all set!


6. After you've decided on the caches that interest you, get ready for some fun. Don't forget to pack some swag for exchange.


7. When you've arrived at your destination, let your GPS guide you to the hidden cache. If you are having trouble finding the cache (sometimes coordinates may be a little off), try developing your geo-sense by thinking, "Where would I hide if I were a geocache". Try it! It really works!


8. Once you find the geocache, get happy, exchange swag (this is optional and not all caches have trinkets), sign the logbook, and return the cache to its original location - just as you found it.


9. Lastly, log your find. Share your stories and also your photos with cache owners at the geocaching website. They love hearing when fellow cachers have had a good time hunting and finding their cache.



Since the time of this writing, a tracking device may be your phone with GPS or geocaching app. However, Garmin Geocaching devices are still a popular choice.


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