Geocaching Souvenirs – What Are They and How to Get Them!


Virtual Pieces of Art

Geocaching souvenirs are virtual pieces of art that you collect and get to show-off, or display, on your geocaching profile. Here’s a easy way to think of it. When you were a kid, did you get a star or a sticker for a job well done? And then stick it on the family chart for all to see? Well, geocaching souvenirs are kind of like that.

You have to accomplish something to get one, and there are basically a couple of different ways to do it.

If you participate in a geocaching mega-event, or find a geocache that is located within a particular zone, you will be awarded a souvenir. Some of them may be time-bound, meaning that you can only get a souvenir in an allotted time frame, such as while an event is taking place. After that, the time expires and you can no longer receive a souvenir.

Let’s explore this a bit more in-depth.


Mega-Event Souvenirs

10-10-10 geocaching souvenirMega-event geocaching souvenir for participation of 10 years of Groundspeak. It was time-bound to the date 10/10/10.

Take this example of a geocaching mega-event. In April of 2017, Groundspeak wanted to celebrate. Why? Because they wanted to crow about the 3 million geocaches hidden worldwide. And they wanted to recognize this ginormous milestone!

A collective effort of people from around the globe hiding, finding, and logging geocaches is definitely worth noting. It’s quite awe-inspiring when you think about it. Imagine! People from all walks of life, from different countries, all having geocaching in common!

This fact was so exciting that Groundspeak decided to make a souvenir mega-event. But how did geocachers get their mega-event souvenir? What did they do in order to get it?

Geocachers had to find a geocache or attend a geocaching event on April 22 or 23, 2017. Once they logged the find, they received their souvenir.

Note the date restriction. This was a time-bound souvenir. Once the event was over, so was the opportunity to be awarded the souvenir.

That’s one way to collect a geocaching souvenir. Let’s look at another.


Zone Souvenirs

This is an example of a geocaching zone souvenir.
This is an example of a geocaching zone souvenir.

Zone souvenirs are location souvenirs because they are awarded when you find a geocache in a particular geographic location.

Let’s say you are in Muncie, Indiana and decide to go geocaching. While obtaining coordinates for a cache, you see that Muncie is located in a souvenir zone.

Happy thoughts swirl around in your head about getting a souvenir as you prepare for your geocaching adventure. Off you go to the geocache location where you conduct your search, find a cache, and exchange some cool swag.

You sign the log book  because it’s fun and interesting to see what others have to say.  And because it gives a sense of community to people from far and near who love the game of geocaching.

Zone or location geocaching is another way to collect a souvenir.


Okay, that’s all fine and dandy. But, how do you get the souvenir to display on your profile?


Don’t Forget This Important Step

It is necessary to log your cache online.

If you participated in an event or geocached in a souvenir zone, the only way to receive your souvenir is to log it. A geocaching application on iphone or android make it quick and easy to take care of this essential step.

If there is a time constraint to the souvenir such as in a mega-event, the time will expire, but you can still get your souvenir by logging your participation online.

That’s all there is to it!


To wrap up, geocaching souvenirs are virtual pieces of art that are fun to collect and display on your geocaching profile. Some are time-bound and some are location souvenirs. Be sure to check the details or requirements in the cache description in order to get your souvenir.

Ready to start collecting?

Click here for a list of geocaching souvenirs that are available to collect.


Happy Geocaching!


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