Geocaching Tips for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is known for love but it doesn’t have to be about flowers and candy. This Valentine’s Day, have a geocaching adventure. Sharing and caring and having fun with loved ones in the great outdoors is an enjoyable way to spend the holiday, and geocaching on Valentine’s Day is an excellent way to spend time together, get better acquainted, achieve closeness, and make family memories as well.

Use these great tips for an outdoor geocaching Valentines’ Day.

  • Geocaches are hidden everywhere. Simply check for one near a favorite, or better yet, scenic outdoor spot, invite your sweetheart, and have a romantic picnic. Whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears before taking off to hunt for the geocache. Hold hands and have fun.
  • Take the kids on a Valentine’s geocaching adventure. You will be making memories and your kids will love you for it. Announce that because it is Valentine’s Day,  you will be eating chocolates while driving or walking to your destination. On the way, converse a bit about the history of Valentine’s Day. (Take some Wet Ones, and when you arrive at the cache site, let the kids wipe their sticky fingers to clean up after eating their candy. You wouldn’t want to get chocolate all over the cache.) And please remember, do not exchange candy for trinkets in a cache. It is never a good idea to put food in a geocache. It will rot and/or the odors will attract animals that will disturb the cache.
  • Make your Geocaching Valentine’s Day extra special; hide this heart shaped travel tag in a cache. You will never forget the day that you started it off on its travels. Hearts have been symbolic of love since medieval times. What better way to celebrate a Valentine’s Day Geocaching Adventure than to hide this very special travel tag from Amazon!

If this tag is unavailable, there are lots of other cute ideas to choose from.

In Closing

Valentine’s Day is what you make it. Have fun and make memories!




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