Seven Rules for Geocaching

Follow the Rules

Just as in monopoly, tag, or baseball, there are rules for geocaching. These 7 rules by Groundspeak will help you have a successful geocaching adventure:


7 Rules for Geocaching


  • Rule no. 1If you take something from a cache, leave something of equal or greater value. Be fair. Don’t take a compass and leave a pen.


  • Rule no. 2Write about your find in the cache logbook. This is fun for you. You can see the notes and comments of other geocachers. Cache owners like it because it gives them a handwritten record of how many geocachers have found their cache.


  • Rule no. 3 – Log your experience at When you log your cache find, you will see what experience others have had finding the cache. Also, I can tell you from experience that it’s fun getting emails from other geocachers about how they found my cache and what they think about it.


  • Rule no. 4 – Geocaches should never be placed in a location that might cause unnecessary concern. When hiding your cache, think of your fellow geocachers. Don’t place your cache where there are hazards that will cause someone to worry or be sorry that they took the time to hunt for your geocache.


  • Rule no. 5 – Don’t place items such as food, explosives, knives, drugs, or alcohol in a geocache. Keep the game safe.


  • Rule no. 6 – Geocache contents should be family friendly. No one wants to open a cache to find lewd trinkets or open a log book with profanities.


  • Rule no. 7 – Respect local laws and obey posted signs. You don’t want your geocaching adventure to be spoiled because you have not respected a NO TRESPASSING sign.

In conclusion, if you follow these 7 rules for geocaching, every geocacher will have an entertaining and safe geocaching experience.

Happy Geocaching!


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