What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an adventure!

It's a game! It's a world-wide treasure hunt!

In a nutshell, geocaching is a high tech treasure hunting game which uses GPS, (Global Positioning System), to hide and seek waterproof containers called caches.

People from around the globe participate in the sport and log their experiences with others on geocaching.com. This is the site where you create an account, make a profile, and download geocache coordinates to your phone or GPS device.


Navigate to the Cache


Once you've downloaded the cache coordinates, you're off to navigate to the geocache. Now, your search begins. What you will discover is that geocaches are hidden almost everywhere! Many will be in locations with a lot of activity such as a city park, a bustling downtown area, or a busy street corner. Others will take you to beautiful places, searching near a babbling brook, pristine lake, or wooded countryside. When you arrive at the cache location, follow the coordinates on your phone or GPS to find the hidden geocache.


Congratulations! You've Found It!


Geocaching containers come in all shapes and sizes and finding a cache isn't always easy. It can be a real disappointment when you've spent a considerable amount of time hunting for a cache without success. When this happens, it could mean that the coordinates are off a bit, or the cache has been misplaced. And sometimes geocaching containers are ridiculously small making them difficult to find. With that in mind, it's okay to get excited and do a little jig when you find a cache. After you find it, be sure to sign the log book and log your find online. Please remember to return it to its location, just as you found it, so other geocachers can come along and discover it for themselves.


This video puts it all into perspective!


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